Nexus Healthcare IPA is dedicated to delivering on our promise of providing quality care that addresses senior health needs.

Senior Benefits include:

Instant Specialist Referrals – There’s no need for your patients to wait to see a Specialist. With the large network of local specialists on our panel you can provide an instant referral before your patient leaves your office.

Healthy Living Club – We Reward our senior members who take an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nexus offers creative incentives to your patients for completing their annual wellness visits, making healthy food choices and participating in an exercise program that works for them.

Chronic Care Management – Our team of Nexus Care Coordinators manage non-face-to-face care to qualified beneficiaries at a time most convenient to them. We better manage patient’s chronic care conditions which improve overall patient care.

FREE Ancillary Testing – Deemed medically appropriate across a variety of medical specialties, this simple, yet powerful diagnostic tool provides quantitative assessments of the autonomic nervous system. Testing can be administered once a year or can be repeated as needed to evaluate progress.

Extensive Health Plan Partners – We work with many of today’s most popular health plans so Seniors can take advantage of Nexus benefits. We are currently affiliated with the following plans:


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